Atalanta 0-2 Milan | Milan finish the season in the second place! | Serie A TIM

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Milan finished the season 2020/21 in the second place and will return to the Champions League! | Serie A TIM

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  1. Lukasz Lukasz
    Lukasz Lukasz
    преди 5 дни

    Forza Milan!

  2. Mehdi ZARE
    Mehdi ZARE
    преди 7 дни

    I get it why drank has a 99 physical

  3. Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan
    преди 11 дни

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  4. Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan
    преди 11 дни

    non andare al nome dell'account per favore

  5. Raiyan Abdulla 10
    Raiyan Abdulla 10
    преди 11 дни

    I love

  6. Angel Gabriel Tallaferro
    Angel Gabriel Tallaferro
    преди 15 дни


  7. Alessandro Varano
    Alessandro Varano
    преди 16 дни


  8. Arikpavlik SFX
    Arikpavlik SFX
    преди 16 дни

    Горжусь! ❤️🖤🔥🔥🔥

  9. cherika funkids channel
    cherika funkids channel
    преди 16 дни

    Easy melon king of penalty

  10. ismail metin
    ismail metin
    преди 17 дни

    Zlataaaaan 👍👌👏

  11. Anthony Moipopi
    Anthony Moipopi
    преди 17 дни

    We back boys

  12. Ruslan Dani
    Ruslan Dani
    преди 17 дни

    Forza milan

  13. Rose Akello
    Rose Akello
    преди 17 дни


  14. Ekel Sendouw
    Ekel Sendouw
    преди 17 дни

    3:30 it's like a video game 😂

  15. WriTrainS TV
    WriTrainS TV
    преди 18 дни

    Rosoneri siamo noi forza rossoneri 🦍

  16. András Dudás
    András Dudás
    преди 18 дни

    This was interesting...

  17. Magdalena Zelazowska
    Magdalena Zelazowska
    преди 18 дни

    Forza Milan! Sempre Milan!

  18. majeed reali
    majeed reali
    преди 18 дни

    Atalanta playing for milan that game dont like Juve join to the cl🤣💩. forza verona 😘

  19. andreas bianconeri
    andreas bianconeri
    преди 19 дни

    Set up🤡💩

  20. Obi Wan Kenobi
    Obi Wan Kenobi
    преди 19 дни

    Juve fan here but serie a and europe is better with Milan in the champions league

  21. وجدي نصرالله
    وجدي نصرالله
    преди 19 дни

    The roseniary

  22. Seyit Karamel
    Seyit Karamel
    преди 19 дни

    Milannn ♥️♥️♥️

  23. Sogols Sikey
    Sogols Sikey
    преди 19 дни

    Rossoneri.... please bring some brazilian player into the team.... milan used to be awesome with some brazilian players... Like intermilan with argentinian and uruguay..

  24. MD Mehedi Mamun
    MD Mehedi Mamun
    преди 19 дни


  25. Junyor Loppes
    Junyor Loppes
    преди 19 дни

    Let's Go Home ♥️🖤

  26. Dew Hackler
    Dew Hackler
    преди 19 дни

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  27. Fernando Javier
    Fernando Javier
    преди 19 дни

    a day we'll never forget. Forza Milan sempre

  28. Элдар Уразбаевич
    Элдар Уразбаевич
    преди 19 дни

    Milan Milan

  29. Martin 10
    Martin 10
    преди 19 дни

    Mau penalti yg penting bola masuk gawang ⚽️😁

  30. Naila Lexi
    Naila Lexi
    преди 19 дни

    Millan 🙏🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯 #Gistoff

  31. George Cocciglia
    George Cocciglia
    преди 19 дни

    M . I . L . A . N !! Huge game by Kessie (not just the goals) and well deserved end of year result after a BIG season where we should also have won the scudetto. Forza Rossoneri !!

  32. Sofyan Ian
    Sofyan Ian
    преди 19 дни

    forza milan,welcome to UCL milan💜💜💜💜

  33. Margaret Elkins
    Margaret Elkins
    преди 19 дни

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  34. муса кадылханов
    муса кадылханов
    преди 19 дни


  35. Dedih Budi
    Dedih Budi
    преди 19 дни

    #forzamilan salawasna....❤️❤️

  36. Lee Serene
    Lee Serene
    преди 19 дни

    Could have pushed inter harder if bennacer wasn't injured.. hope next season Milan can win the scudetto. Can't stand inter winning this year

  37. Sandi Wenaz
    Sandi Wenaz
    преди 20 дни

    King of PENALTY 😆😆😆

  38. Shaleh Assingkily Official
    Shaleh Assingkily Official
    преди 20 дни

    Runner up

  39. Ahmad Romdoni
    Ahmad Romdoni
    преди 20 дни

    Forza Milan, sempre Milan! 🇮🇩🇮🇹

  40. Longginus Ariyanto
    Longginus Ariyanto
    преди 20 дни

    Forza Milan 🔥🔴⚫

  41. santiago marquez
    santiago marquez
    преди 20 дни

    Uff doble penalti, que triste...

  42. Ki Ageng Wirengrana
    Ki Ageng Wirengrana
    преди 20 дни

    Yes My favourite team since 1992 milanisti indonesia

  43. abdi rifki nur
    abdi rifki nur
    преди 20 дни

    Atalanta let milan win 😄

  44. Robert Ruiz
    Robert Ruiz
    преди 20 дни

    Lets make Milan Great Again

  45. aprillia rachmawati
    aprillia rachmawati
    преди 20 дни

    Forza milano ✊✊✊✊

    преди 20 дни

    Welcome back AC MILAN

  47. reni regita
    reni regita
    преди 20 дни

    Selamat come back ke UCL Milan👍👍 *Forzamilan

  48. jainul khusaini
    jainul khusaini
    преди 20 дни

    Give away milan

  49. Agus Supriyatna
    Agus Supriyatna
    преди 20 дни


  50. Tungatarov Time
    Tungatarov Time
    преди 20 дни

    Судья ты...

  51. Amel Yuni
    Amel Yuni
    преди 20 дни


  52. Amel Yuni
    Amel Yuni
    преди 20 дни


  53. Андрей Е
    Андрей Е
    преди 20 дни

    Позорище....2 левых пенальти. И так весь сезон. В ЛЧ судьи не будет тащить, может всё-таки не стоило, миланцы?

  54. Kevon Jones
    Kevon Jones
    преди 20 дни


  55. Kennedy Murathi
    Kennedy Murathi
    преди 20 дни

    I love the way kessie takes the penalties..the way he jogs just makes me laugh because the goalkeeper just gazes and is in total dilemma ,then in a blink...

  56. Сергей Сауткин
    Сергей Сауткин
    преди 20 дни

    I'm with you!

  57. Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Cornelis Vreeswijk
    преди 20 дни

    Forza juve

  58. Florin Gabriel
    Florin Gabriel
    преди 20 дни


  59. Open Eye
    Open Eye
    преди 20 дни

    #79 = Best Player of All Leagues in 20/21

  60. Chris Rivera
    Chris Rivera
    преди 20 дни

    Forza Milán

    преди 20 дни

    Forza milan Forza milan Forza milan

  62. Reinhard van Astrea
    Reinhard van Astrea
    преди 20 дни

    2:21 lacalut

  63. Joe Joeba
    Joe Joeba
    преди 20 дни


  64. Dh4nie Lee
    Dh4nie Lee
    преди 20 дни

    Sempre Milan

  65. Avinash Singh
    Avinash Singh
    преди 20 дни

    how pathetic VAR can be.

  66. Tirta Sugara
    Tirta Sugara
    преди 20 дни

    Go milan

  67. Shane Filan
    Shane Filan
    преди 20 дни


    1. Shane Filan
      Shane Filan
      преди 20 дни

      @Mo Ab yaaa , but that is our hope. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    2. Mo Ab
      Mo Ab
      преди 20 дни

      Realistically, it will be Tomori and maignan and maybe diaz and belotti if we are lucky. But winger and striker is a must this year.

  68. Axel 703 Qoe_pUNk
    Axel 703 Qoe_pUNk
    преди 20 дни

    We are back...!!!! Forza Milan...!!!!!

  69. Lokár László
    Lokár László
    преди 20 дни

    AC MILAN RETURN THE Champions League!❤️🖤

  70. Dede Jawahir
    Dede Jawahir
    преди 20 дни

    No penalty no party *Canda party

  71. 徐奔腾
    преди 20 дни


  72. Alvysx Trader
    Alvysx Trader
    преди 20 дни

    Forza Milan from Indonesia.

  73. BIG-Gamer
    преди 20 дни

    Forza Milan ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  74. Алекс Салемэйкерс
    Алекс Салемэйкерс
    преди 20 дни

    Гаттуза в Юве инфо 99%

  75. Da'i Annas TV3
    Da'i Annas TV3
    преди 20 дни

    yeahhh. Força Milan... Congrates Zlatan

  76. Super Hornet
    Super Hornet
    преди 20 дни

    At 3:26 the "Celeration" can begin! XD

  77. Yunus
    преди 20 дни

    Hakan Çalhanoğlu...

  78. Эль Сам
    Эль Сам
    преди 20 дни

    Forza milan , fan from 2003

  79. Zajdloš
    преди 20 дни

    I am big fan of AC since I was 10 so over 30 years now supporting Rossoneri. But to reach a UCL after winning last match of the season thanks to 2 penalty kicks.....🤔🤔

  80. Ujang Hendra
    Ujang Hendra
    преди 20 дни

    Liga Champions,kami datang lagi,grazee

  81. Wishva krish
    Wishva krish
    преди 20 дни

    Ref is on Milan side But Milan deserves to be in UCL

  82. Daru Sekti Budiyono
    Daru Sekti Budiyono
    преди 20 дни


  83. خالد الهودي
    خالد الهودي
    преди 20 дни

    Big milan

  84. Marco Di Pietro
    Marco Di Pietro
    преди 20 дни

    Milan had online luck

    1. EM MTL
      EM MTL
      преди 13 дни

      Atalanta 🤡🤡🤡

  85. Awan kinton03
    Awan kinton03
    преди 20 дни

    Atalanta 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  86. Stas Trapeznikov
    Stas Trapeznikov
    преди 20 дни

    both penalties are fake

  87. Sakariye C.raxmaan
    Sakariye C.raxmaan
    преди 20 дни

    Milan come to ucl after 7 years ago😍

  88. njn brl:re
    njn brl:re
    преди 20 дни

    I am feeling like Milan are more one season wonder than atalanta

  89. abdu Utali
    abdu Utali
    преди 20 дни

    Mr penalty as usual

  90. Crom91
    преди 20 дни

    Che schifo

  91. Mohammed Almuzaini
    Mohammed Almuzaini
    преди 20 дни

    Noi siamo l'AC Milan, noi siamo in champions league e questa è casa nostra ❤️ - Congratulations 4 all of us from Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦❤️❤️❤️

  92. muhammad agli perstawa
    muhammad agli perstawa
    преди 21 ден

    Anjir keliatan banget Atalanta ngalah ke Melon, sakit hati kalah Final wkwk

  93. sarwan dhillon
    sarwan dhillon
    преди 21 ден

    ....and Win the UCL next season🤩

  94. Michele Capelli
    Michele Capelli
    преди 21 ден

    Well deserved! Finalmente! Grande Milan

  95. play station
    play station
    преди 21 ден

    -Handball around 60th minute by Milan not given a penalty -Atlanta owners whispers something in Muriel's ears just before he enters the field and Muriel hit all shots in the air -Multiple harsh fouls by Molan not given by refree Not sure what the truth is but this sure looks like fishy stuff going on behind the scenes

  96. A NSFRT
    преди 21 ден

    After so long

  97. Mamadou Ndione
    Mamadou Ndione
    преди 21 ден

    Forza Milan

  98. Aditya Bayu Yosua
    Aditya Bayu Yosua
    преди 21 ден

    love you milan

  99. Tishala Onwuatuegwu
    Tishala Onwuatuegwu
    преди 21 ден

    Milan win because referee

  100. EgyptianKing#FSGOUT
    преди 21 ден

    Milan to the champions league!